What characteristics of marble counter tops must be known

14 mar

Using the improvement of people’s aesthetics, Stone Tools & Machine (http://www.chitrust.com/stone_tools_machine/) is increasingly found in building decoration materials. Among the wide variety of stones, marble is usually a favorite type. The structure is usually uniform, it isn’t easy to become deformed, as well as the hardness is certainly high, and the put on resistance is definitely strong, so scrapes aren’t easy to occur. So what is the nature of marble counter tops?

What characteristics of marble counter tops must be known 60791. No deformation, high hardness and strong wear resistance.

After long-term natural aging, the rock and roll includes a uniform structure, a small coefficient of linear expansion, and the internal worry disappears completely without deformation. The top of countertop can be hard, has solid scratch resistance, great wear resistance, as well as the texture is very beautiful, not scared of acid solution, sputum erosion, Natural Black white Stone Tray no rust, no essential oil, no dust, and maintenance It is easy to maintain and includes a long service lifestyle.

2, anti-abrasion, temperature, maintenance-free.

Great rigidity, high hardness, solid wear resistance and low temperature deformation. No scuff marks, no constant heat range conditions, and maintain its first physical properties at space temperature.

3. Physical stability and organization.

The film is detached by impact, the surface is not burred, the plane precision is not affected, the materials is stable, the long-term deformation is ensured, the coefficient of linear expansion is small, the mechanical precision is high, and rust, antimagnetic and insulation are given. Non-magnetized, it could move efficiently during measurement, no stagnation, no moisture, and the plane is well described.

4. Low cost.

The colors are different, and the most commonly used price points will also be reasonable. It really is a cost-effective type of counter top material. At the same time, it is rich in color and easy to cut or engrave. Among them, the high-grade natural stone counter tops are suitable for individuals who are pursuing high taste.

The marble countertops appeal to consumers using their beautiful appearance and incredibly practical features. Not the same as other architectural stones, each little bit of marble countertop texture is different, the texture is clear and curved marble, clean and delicate, shiny and fresh, such as a visible feast for you personally again and again, in the living room, you can Established the room more elegant and nice.

There are many rules for distinguishing the merits of marble countertops:

First: the color of the visual sample is pure and not turbid, the surface has no very similar plastic gel structure, and there is no fine pores in the reverse side of the plate.

Second: the nose smells zero pungent chemical substance smell.

Third: the top of hand touched the sample has a silky feel, no flaws, no apparent unevenness.

Fourth: use the toenail to scratch the top of board without apparent scratches.

Fifth: The same two samples are knocked against one another and so are not easily broken.

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